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AquaGold Face Wash

AquaGold Face Wash
AquaGold Face Wash
Product Code: AquaGold Face Wash
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PHITEN Aqua Gold Face Wash (120g) Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser 面膏
Rich and super.fine foam leaves the skin smooth and refreshed.
Aqua Gold Face Wash contains natural ingredients straight from the earth. Long-used for their cleansing properties, Ghassoul Clay and Shirasu Volcanic Ash remove the toxins and other pollutants from your skin.
Ancient Jurassic period deposits are made into a red clay by volcanic activity. Its unique calcium and mineral-rich composition draws out pollutants while conditioning and enriching the skin.
GHASSOUL 物泥 (摩洛哥) 自侏罗纪时代已开始在湖中堆积的黏土,具有神奇的洗净功效。黏土中的粒子可吸走污垢,而丰富的矿物质可保持肌肤光滑。
SHIRASU BALLOON (Mt Sakurajima, Japan)
A superfine volcanic ash (shirasu”), baked at an extremely high temperature to create particles ten times smaller (”balloons”). This creates a very fine and smooth foam.
火山灰白土(鹿儿岛县 "樱岛") 源自鹿儿岛县樱岛的火山灰可产生锦密细致,延展性高的泡沫。因质地幼细,可清洗藏在毛孔内的污垢。它也 具有温和去角质,滋润皮肤的功效
Squeeze 2-2.5cm amount into palm. Create foam with hands (or using foam net) by adding small amounts of water. Apply to entire face with a gentle, circular motion. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.
使用方法: 挤出分量的洗面膏在掌心(或泡沫网),加少许水搓成幼细的泡沫。均匀抹在脸上,并用形成的泡沫来轻柔按摩,然后用水彻底冲洗。

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