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X30 Light Pad

X30 Light Pad
Product Code: X30 Light Pad
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Sleep can easily take up one third of a day. Quality sleep is one of the important factors to help our body and brain to recover from daily fatigue so that we can be energized for the next day of challenge. However, many people do not have good quality of sleep due to stress, unsuitable sleeping goods, snoring partner and other internal and external factors. It is a myth to think that you can sleep quickly or having many hours of sleep is having good quality sleep.

Good quality sleep could be achieved when we coordinate the sleep environment to be effective in reducing body stress and to be in ‘deep sleep’ (NON-REM) for the first few hours of initial rest.

Phiten sleeping goods uses its Unique Materials to allow enhanced relaxation for our body to help our muscles (body), mind to relax quickly, effectively.

Size:  196 × 98 × 3cm (thickness)
Weight: ~ 4kg
Components and materials:
Coated cloth: 100% polyester
Material: Polyurethane foam
X30AquaTitanLogo X30 Aqua Titaniumand Micro Titanium ball

"Micro-titanium ball" is a titanium powder was processed into titanium micro level.

 light pad



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