"I was having neck & shoulder ache problem after trying massage and other magnetic products, I do not see any relief. I decided to try Phiten as my friend recommended, It was pricy but I decided to  ..."


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"Was shopping in Sunway shopping one day and came across a shop call “PHITEN”. As I was having pain on my elbow, I tried walking in and spoke to the Health Advisor. This pain has been bothering me..." 


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"For the past three years been using this Phiten products. Excellent expecially e-water, up gel, titanium tape and honey soap..."


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Phiten gives me a great experience. My Husband always suffered with knee pain, expecially after exercise. With Phiten gel, he able to get rid of pain very fast. Futhermore...


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"I am using your Phiten Carbonize chain for many years. It was help me a lot to recover my severe neck and back pain. It also help me sleep very well every night..."


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"At one time, I had very severe back pain At one stage, I reached the point when I could no longer walk without the most severe pain. Then went through spinal surgery. After surgery, the pain was consideratly less but there was still some pain..."

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"I bought this crystal cubic necklace in 2014, for my back and neck pain. After a day and two, I found my pain had gone. I found this is so amazing. Another discovery of this..."


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 "Saya mula tertarik dengan produk Phiten semasa excibition di Malaysia Open 20111. Selepas Memiikirkan walaupun agak..."


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 "Me and my family has been supporting Phiten for more tahn 5 years. we didn't know nothing about this brand previous;y but due to my mom suffering with join and knees problem..."


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 "I was being recommended to Phiten product by a friend when I hurt my knee. we were doing our evening walk when I slipped and hurt my knee..."


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 "Niggling aches and pains had been troubling me for almost a decade. in my long journey for improve the quality of my life through various therapies, the result..."


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 "A friend recommended me to try the Phiten's products. I was a little bit sceptic as in the market there are a lot of brands.

Wehn I went to Pavilion, I went to visit the shop..."


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"I was made to know about Phiten through our Malaysian legendary badminton player Dato' Lee Chong Wei but I have never experience it on my own as I was exposted to different product..."


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"During 31st August, my father and mother together with me and my brother went to Midvalley for shopping. We pass by this Phiten shop and went in..."


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 "I was made to know about phiten throught my sister. She wore/used the Phiten products since a year ago. That day, i pass by this Phiten shop and went in to try some of the product..."


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 "I have visited Phiten Midvalley to experience Phiten O2 Chamber Hyperbaric Air Care chambe. I have got wavy symptom for the past 2 days and once finish the O2 chamber treatment, I felt..."


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 "I bought Phiten's necklace and bracelet in Sunway Pyramid. I have back pain problem, after almost two months using the necklace, i felt my back pain slowly gone..."


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 "I knew Phiten thru my colleague 5 years ago. she has been a loyal supporter to Phiten about 10years or maybe more, i guess. Before I really attreated by Phiten..."


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 "Due to long hours of work and inaccurate sitting posture, my body muscle are sore and at times very tense especially around the shoulder area. I tried..."


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 "I was introduced to Phiten by a relative from Klang before that. I heard a lot about Phiten. But do not know this Phiten products can do the wonder. Until one day I visited the Phtien..."


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 "I came here Phiten Midvalley during Dec 2014 and the sales personel introduced me some Phiten products. I decided to buy the gel and plaster. I found the product is so effective. I decided to come back..."


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 "I was introduced to Phiten products by my husband. he has been a supporter even since his days working in star cruises Hong Kong. He has always advocated that blue titanium necklace that he never take off..."


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 "when i go overseas to visit my children i bought many socks, ankle support and insole for them. I love the Oxygen Chamber, it gives me refresh. I love to talk to the staff, they are very friendly..."


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 "Iknew Phiten quite some time through sport man friends & relatives. I bought my first Phiten is Leash X100, the result is amazing, you have to try it only would believe it..."


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 "I knew Phiten from my brother-in-law. he is having many problems on his body. He always strongly recommen & share his experiences to us. So, my husband decided to buy one with "premium range"..."


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"I was introduced to hiten by 1 of my friend. She has been using this for so many years. Actually I had back pain for almost 6months and I've been to so many doctors but I wasted/spent a lot of..."


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 "we have using Phiten products for almost 5 yeras. for my opinion,, we love phiten products and will keep on using it. we also bought the oxygen theraphy packages, for us to use whenever we visit KL."

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