Best in the healing space stress care

Bringing together Phiten's unique technologies. A new sense of relaxation wrapped in aqua titanium and healing light.

Take aqua titanium with your whole body

The air inside the capsule is processed with a "Phiten filter" equipped with original technology. Special ceramic balls of 4 types of aqua metal (aqua titanium, aqua gold, aqua silver, aqua palladium) are placed on the filter.

Original optical technology "Kenko Bath®"

A PRL unit is placed on the back and calf of the chair, and the light of "Kenko Bath®" wraps around the body. In addition, Metax carbon ceramic is used for the fabric inside the seat, and micro titanium balls are used for the capsule body, making the entire capsule a superb healing space.

Aqua Titanium Bath Capsule 3 POINT

Point 1: A relaxing space that brings together Phiten's unique technologies

Phiten's unique technology is fused inside the capsule to create the finest healing space.

PRL unit

Equipped with 8 "PRL units" with built-in LED light x Metax carbon ceramic. It uses red and white LEDs, and the light of "Kenko Bath®" wearing Phiten technology reaches the entire body. In addition, you can choose your favorite warmth by adjusting the temperature in two stages (35° C and 40° C).

Metax carbon ceramic

The PRL unit and the fabric inside the seat are made of a new material, "Metax Carbon Ceramic," which is a combination of Phiten's unique technologies.

Micro titanium ball

"Micro titanium balls" are used throughout the capsule. With Phiten's water-soluble metal technology, the body is wrapped in a unique titanium powder created in the process of producing aqua titanium.
Point 2: A relaxing space where you can relax from the bottom of your heart
Adopted a reclining function that realizes smooth getting on and off and a relaxed state. It is possible to recline at 120 °, which is considered comfortable. In addition, a large window that blocks the line of sight from the outside while reducing the feeling of oppression is used to create a space where you can truly relax.
Point 3: Full functions that enhance healing and relaxation
Special ceramic balls of 4 types of aqua metal (aqua titanium, aqua gold, aqua silver, aqua palladium) that process the air inside the capsule with our own technology
Gentle light lighting that heals your heart
Metax ket that adopted "Metax"
Refresh your body with high-concentration oxygen through our unique technology
* Aqua titanium bath capsule PRL full only
Cooler that keeps the room comfortable
* Aqua titanium bath capsule PRL full only
Aqua titanium bath capsule
Size: H1565 × W1005 × D2010mm
Weight: About 140kg
Material: FRP, acrylic resin, metal
Technique: Chair back / seat / calf: Metax
capsule body: Micro titanium ball
PRL unit: Metax
filter: Aqua Titanium, Aqua Gold, Aqua Silver, Aqua Palladium