Only Genuine Phiten Products Has Undergone Phiten Technology

Listed on this page is some of the examples of counterfeit Phiten products.

We showcase a few counterfeit products on the website to bring awareness and alertness on how some unscrupulous companies deceive the consumers by riding on the popularity of Phiten Brand to gain profit. These counterfeit products do not contain Phiten’s unique technology and benefits. Listed below are some cases although the list is actually non-exhaustive.

Case 1: Fake 3Line Bracelet

Counterfeit Bracelet

  • One Loop design
  • Using Magnet and without Microtitan ball imprint
  • Packaging without size indication

Original Product

  • Come in 3 line design of standard color combination
  • With Microtitan ball imprint
  • Packaging comes with size (55cm) indication


Note that in the market, there are also many fake 3Line Bracelets made of low-quality material, rough finishing, and fake imprint of “Micro titanium balls” or uses similar packaging with some minor differences. Please take note and visit our website for more details.

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