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It truly depends on individual preference. However, most average adult males tend to get a 50cm necklace, whereas average adult females and children tend to get a 40cm or 43cm necklace. To be sure, we recommend measuring around your neck in cm to see how a necklace would fit. The necklaces can be worn loose or snug, depending on your comfort.

YES! As the titanium particles have already permeated into the fabric, it remains inside just a dye. However, repeated washing will subject the product to faster material wear and tear but not affecting the effects of the products in general.

Yes, you can wash/wet them. We recommend hand-washing them occasionally with soap or diluted laundry detergent and leaving them out to air-dry. If this is not enough, you can try using a laundry stain remover and hand washes them. If the machine wash is required, then please put it in the laundry net.

Do not use bleach (even for white color products) as this may change the color and causes change to material properties.

We’re not aware of Phiten products having harmful effects on children or pregnant women, although we do recommend keeping certain Phiten products with small parts away from children, as it may be a choking hazard. Phiten is a health and wellness product designed for healthy consumers. We always recommend consulting your physician if you have any questions.

The Titanium Discs can easily be placed directly on specific motor points of the body or convenient to place on small muscle groups, whereas the Titanium Tapes can cover greater areas and can be attached easily to your knee, elbow, or other joints. For the sake of good hygiene, we recommend changing the tape after a period of heavy perspiration or every 1-2 days (depending on individual skin conditions).

No. There is no single method of applying or wrapping the Titanium Discs or Tape in order for it to work. Simply apply them to desired areas or areas of concern.

The whole tape is already permeated with the Aqua Titanium which will give relaxation benefits when it attaches to your area of concern. For the Titanium Stretched Tape, it is widely used in sports and physiotherapist as it NOT only have the recovery benefits on its own, it is stretchable which can use to support muscle groups. Dual Benefits and Action of Phiten Titanium Tape.

Titanium is a lightweight and hypoallergenic metal with anti-rust characteristics. It is used widely in the aerospace industry (for making airplanes), the health care industry (for artificial joints), and the sports industry (golf clubs) due to its light and safe metal properties. Titanium on itself does not have any effect on our body (Else, we can just wear Titanium spectacles or watch and feel relaxed).

Phiten chooses titanium to be incorporated in most of its products as it is found that after Titanium goes through Phiten Technology, it has the superior characteristic to stabilize the bio-electric current of the body and help in relaxation.

All Phiten products MUST undergo the unique Phiten Technology, which will help our body in natural relaxation. Through the Phiten Technology, it is able to create unique materials, called Aqua Metals (AquaTitan, AquaGold, AquaSilver, etc.); metals become completely soluble in water and they are patented. Almost all of Phiten products are incorporating some of these Aqua Metals to transmit the effectiveness of the product to consumers. What makes it really special is that there is no other technology in the world except Phiten Technology that could produce Aqua Metals in which such Aqua Metals also have the benefits of helping relaxation.

Once the Aqua Titanium is permeated into the fabric, the titanium particles stay in the fabric just like the dye of any shirts. Normal repeated washing will not affect drastically the effectiveness of the product.

Benefit from any Phiten products that went through Phiten Technology is semi-permanent and product functionality is dependent on material wear and tear and consumer own usage & washing patterns.

All Phiten products can help to stabilize the body bio-electric current and helps promote the natural healing process of your body and mind within you due to the relaxation benefits that it brings. Relaxation can lead to many good benefits including pain management, sports enhancement, and injuries prevention

It possesses no side effects as opposed to various ‘stimulating or energy-generating’ products in the market.

Read “The lifetime of Aqua Titanium & Phiten products” and “Can the product be washed?”

To minimize skin irritation, apply e-water over the area and wait until it’s dry before taping. Also, you should avoid leaving the tape on for long periods.

The tape should stick on your body for about 1-2 days (in general and for hygienic reasons) when you apply it when you are clean and dry although its effect is semi-permanent.

The lotion will last for approximately 12hours but subject to sweat conditions and other factors. For example, a hard exercise may wash out lotion quicker from the body. For the Pro Gel, it will last for ~3-6 hours. However, having contained more concentrated AquaGold in Pro Gel as compared to Lotion, it promotes faster recovery.

In general, most Phiten products do not have any warranty for the material as it is highly subjected to customers’ own usage patterns and activities that lead to different rates of material wear and tear.  In the event of manufacturer defect (which means that when you open up the package and product is already defective without wearing/using it), we will be glad to exchange one for you immediately.

Only some premium product range in which the Manufacturer (Phiten Co., Ltd) offers one (1) year limited warranty (in which we will issue a warranty card together with your purchase), we will also extend the same warranty to the customer. This warranty excludes damages resulting from abuse, accident, modifications, or negligence of the customer or other causes that are not defects in materials and workmanship. Customization of your product will void your warranty.

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We do not accept any return of the Phiten product purchased from our Online Shop for whatsoever reason as customers can be 100% sure that the product is genuine when they purchase from this Official Online website and we have applied stringent checks on the quality of the products before they reach your doorstep.

Please ensure that you choose the type, color, size correctly as strictly NO EXCHANGE of product for any type/color/size for purchases made online will be allowed once the payment process is completed.

We disclaim any defects arises from the shipping process. In the case that you receive the package in a ‘bad condition’ in which you might suspect that the item could be damaged, please take a photo before opening the package and also another photo of the ‘damaged’ item. Email us at support@phitenmy.com & sales@phitenmy.com.

Good news! Until further notice, we shall offer to our Online customer free postage and handling charges (via POS LAJU) for their Online purchases more than RM300 within Malaysia.


“Business Days” are Monday through Friday, excluding Public/State holidays. We are unable to ship or process orders on Saturdays, Sundays.

PHITEN MY ships to any addresses within Malaysia, including East Malaysia.

Upon receiving your order and payment confirmation before 2 pm (Order placed after 2 pm will be considered for next day Order process), it takes us a maximum of 2 working days to process and arrange for delivery by the 3rd working day. We will send out the product using POS LAJU service and delivery duration will depend on your location in which you could check out the POS website (www.pos.com.my) for more information.


After completing an order, you should receive an e-mail confirmation within an hour confirming that your order has been processed. For further questions regarding the website, please email us at support@phitenmy.com & sales@phitenmy.com.


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