What is Power Tape?
Simply apply where you concern!

Super long hot item since its release! It’s a round seal type of body-care tape and easy to use. 
Just press it with your finger and put it on a place where your concerned, nothing special is required. 


Shoulder and Neck: Helps the muscles that support the heavy head

Neck (front)

① A slightly recessed part above the clavicle

Neck (back)

② One finger outside of the utilizing bone (7th cervical vertebra) at the base of the neck

③ The middle of the line connecting the 7th cervical vertebra and the shoulder

Waist: Helps the important waist that supports the whole body

Knee (front)

Put it on 4 points around the knee cap

Knee (back)

Put two in the middle of the wrinkles on the back of the knee. Be careful of skin rash after using on the skin of the back of the knees because the skin is thin (sensitive).

POINT: In addition, it can be put anywhere, such as legs and arms! Please try it to the part that you want to care about.

Phiten body care advisor, Toru Chino,
introduces ‘how-to’ in the movie!

Participated in the Japan Championships in athletics. “Toru Chino” (Phiten Body Care Advisor), who is a trainer for famous athletes and is active in seminars throughout the country, introduces a short movie of an application of how to use body care products!

How to use by part of the body

Shoulder/arm care ①

Care around the waist ①

Knee care ①

Foot care ①

How to paste for runners



Arm swing 1

Leg 1

Trunk 1

Phiten Tape Lineup

Round Seal Type (Focus Power on Pinpoint)

Power Tape X30: Higher power type with “AQUA TITAN X30”



Focus power on a pinpoint. It is adopted with the X30 concentration of the Phiten unique material “AQUA TITAN”.


METAX Tape: Feel immediately by a sticker of the new unique material “METAX”
Higher-power body care tape that uses “METAX”. The oval shape makes it easy to wrap it around your fingers, and since it is water repellent, it can be used even when in water.

TITAN-BAN [General Medical Equipment]: “Titanium ball” reduces stiffness
The hemispherical “titanium ball” directly stimulates the stiffness to loosen the muscles and reduce the stiffness.

Roll Type (Paste around joints and muscles)
Titanium Tape (elastic): Standard type with “ AQUA TITAN ”



The 4.5 meter-long ‘rolled’ Titanium Tape impregnated with “AQUA TITAN”.

Titanium tape X30 (elastic): Water repellent type impregnated with “AQUA TITAN X30”


Impregnated with “AQUA TITAN X30”. The 4.5 meter-long ‘rolled’ Titanium Tape with excellent water repellency.

Titanium Tape X30 Sports (elastic): Supports a wide range of performance with “AQUA TITAN X30”
It has excellent elasticity and is easy to stick to joints such as the knees and elbows and does not easily peel off. Uses highly water-repellent material that resists sweat and water. The fabric itself has improved to a little thinner and softer, the perfect item for the sports scene! A 4.5 meter-long.

Titanium Tape X100 Black (elastic): High Power Tape with X100

Adopted AQUA TITAN X100 on the roll type of tape. Comes with a special case that is convenient to carry.

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