Phiten O2 Air Chamber

Phiten O2 sends oxygen into the capsule and raises the air pressure to refresh the mind and body.
It relaxes and wraps the heart and body of all modern people who are busy with work and housework, as well as athletes who abuse their bodies.

An air chamber type with high safety because it does not use concentrated oxygen, so there is no need to worry about ignition. There is no problem with doping violations.

Phiten O2 is a healthy atmospheric pressure air chamber that uses atmospheric air. The inside of the capsule is raised to 1.1 to 1.3 atm, creating an environment where oxygen can be easily taken into the body. In addition, Phiten’s original aqua titanium is used for the body and mattress of the O2 capsule. It creates a comfortable space both physically and mentally and leads the body to its original relaxed state. ​

Size: H881 x W2120 x D770mm
Weight: approx. 98kg
Material: Aluminum material
Technique / Aqua Titanium X30 / Aqua Gold / Aqua Silver / Aqua Palladium
Uses Aqua Titanium X30 impregnated sheet inside the capsule
Phiten's unique titanium fit mattress that allows you to relax for a long time
The air inside the capsule is processed with our own technology.
Equipped with 4 types of aqua metal special ceramic balls
Other ideas to enhance healing and relaxation Reduces the strain on your ears

Unique pressurization program
With an intercom

Can talk inside and outside the capsule
Relax while listening to music and

Equipped with a service outlet
A cooler that supports a comfortable space can also be installed as an option
One Phiten oxygen capsule introduced in Hiroshima Toyo Carp in 2009.
It has been used by athletes to recover from fatigue, and now four oxygen capsules are in operation. Masaya Ishii trainer is one of the shadow actors who led Hiroshima Toyo Carp to the league title in 2016. It is no exaggeration to say that it is thanks to Mr. Ishii and other trainers that he supported the conditioning and physical condition management of the athletes throughout the year and that the athletes were less injured. “When the main force is applied, the strength of the team will be reduced at once, so all the staff will provide thorough support.” In 2016, the oxygen capsule was fully operated and the player's care was especially emphasized, leading to a superb league victory. We interviewed head trainer Masaya Ishii about the use of oxygen capsules.

Hiroshima Toyo Carp head trainer, Mr. Masaya Ishii

He is the chairman of the Nippon Professional Baseball Trainers Association and is active at the forefront of the Japanese trainer world. A well-known trainer who leads Hiroshima Toyo Carp to the league victory in 2016 and supports the conditioning and physical condition management of athletes.
The first oxygen capsule was introduced in 2009. Please tell us the purpose of introducing it.
The first purpose was "how to recover from fatigue". I also wanted a space where players could refresh themselves. Athletes say that they can sleep comfortably in a slightly high atmospheric pressure because they block outside sounds while they are in the oxygen capsule.
Why did you choose Phiten's oxygen capsule?
Anyway, this oxygen capsule is open and there is little feeling of oppression. When I first thought about the space where players could refresh, I met Phiten Oxygen Capsule and decided to introduce it. It was also good that I could operate it by myself to some extent.
How are the players specifically used?
How are the players specifically used? For some players, it is a routine to enter for an hour before the match. Start training after entering an oxygen capsule and refreshing. And so on. You will definitely enter without breaking that routine. There are two permanent units in the training room of the 1st Army, but the location is also decided. I'm a little in a good mood when another player is using it (laughs), and there is a high need for some players to come back from the expedition, refresh with a little capsule, and prepare for training from there. Before the game, there will be fielders, and during the game, there will be a pitcher with a selection rotation. I don't throw the pitcher, but I use it for adjustment. Thanks to you, there are few injured people and the frequency of use is really high. We have also introduced it to the second and third armies, and we have introduced two of them in the hope of recovering from the injuries of the injured.