Hybrid Water Charger

Phiten Water is equipped with Phiten's original filter and hollow fiber membrane. Not only is it "clean", but the "water processor" that adds Phiten's unique technology to tap water delivers premium everyday life.

You can use plenty of premium water not only for drinking water but also for cooking, washing your face, etc.

Material type: ABS resin
Types of filter media: activated carbon, non-woven fabric, hollow fiber membrane
Filtration flow rate: 3.0 L / min
Minimum usable hydraulic pressure: 0.07MPa
capsule body: Micro titanium ball
Estimated replacement time: 2 years (10L of water used per day)
It removes designated substances based on the "Household Goods Quality Labeling Law" that cause germs and turbidity, and substances listed in the standards of the Water Purifier Association.