Aero-Cradle Seat Cushion (40x40x3cm)


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Phiten’s Aero Cradle Seat Cushion is made with 3D reticular structured, multi-directional, multi-spring fiber (the cushion’s inner filling) enabling a higher level of comfort after sitting for an extended period of time. Its versatility makes it easy to use daily and can even be carried with you on the go for added comfort. The Aero Cradle Seat Cushion utilizes a variety of Phiten’s technologies – Metax Technology is used for the outer cover while the cushion’s inner filling is produced of Aqua-Gold fibers made with Phiten’s Aqua Gold Silica technologies.

Size (Dimension):

L: 15.75” (40cm) x W: 15.75” (40cm) x D 1.25” (3cm)


– 3D reticular structured, multi-directional, multi-spring fiber (filling) has a superior, body pressure-relieving function which provides a higher level of comfort and supports the seating posture.

– Utilizing Aqua-Gold fiber (filling) made with Phiten’s Aqua-Gold Silica technology

– Breathable and lightweight

– Cushion cover is permeated with Phiten’s Metax Technology

– Washable cushion (filling and cover); hand washing and hang drying is recommended


Filling Fiber (Body): Polyethylene

Cushion Cover: Polyester


Metax (Cushion Cover)

Aqua-Gold Silica (Filing Fiber)

*Metax is Phiten’s latest technology which is created by combining two or more Aqua Metals (ie. Aqua-Titanium, Aqua-Gold, Aqua-Silver, Aqua-Palladium, etc) and utilizing their combined characteristics.

Made in Japan

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Dimensions 40 × 40 × 3 cm