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The perfect gel to rejuvenate the damaged skin due to everyday environmental stress, such as blue light and air pollution. Aqua Gold Gel has 10 times more of the Lutein and Bilberry Extract than the Aqua Gold Lotion. Super Hyaluronic Acid and Hyaluronic Acid Dimethysilanol help trap the skin’s natural moisture within the skin.
Key Ingredients:
• Lutein helps to block blue light and prevents skin damage.
• Bilberry Extract has polyphenol, which helps make new beautiful skin, as well as Amino acid GABA, which helps rejuvenate the dead skin resulting from contact with blue light.
• Water Chestnut Extract prevents saccharification (wrinkle-causing factor), resulting in younger-looking skin.
Use once in the morning and once at night, after putting on toner.
How To Use:
Take 1-2 pushes of the gel onto the hands and place them on five points of the face. Then, spread around the face in a circular motion in the direction from the center to the outer, down to up.
Made in Japan
PHITEN Aqua Gold Gel (40ml) Essential Night & Day Protection Serum 水凝胶/清爽保湿
It continuously protects damaged skin from air pollutants and UV rays.
Aqua Gold Gel is a lightweight serum that protects the skin from air pollutants and UV rays during the day and helps repair damaged skin cells at night. Its thorough double protection boosts the skin’s hydrating power and nutrient absorption.
Internal capacity 40 ml
component Water, BG, PPG-10 methyl glucose, diethoxyethyl succinate, colloidal gold, glycereth-26, carbomer, colloidal silver, glycosyltrehalose, AMPD, hexyl dimethylolpropionate, hydrolyzed hydrogenated starch, dimethyl hyaluronate Silanol, Thermus thermophilus culture, Glycerin, Bifidobacteria fermented extract, Acetyl hyaluronate Na, PEG-45M, Safflower oil, Xanthophyll, Ume fruit extract, Koshironosendangsa extract, Capsicum pericarp extract, Dextrin, Bilberry leaf extract, Dextran, Avian Fluoroacetyl tripeptide-2
how to use After washing the face, apply a push once or twice on the skin prepared with lotion from the entire face to the entire nape of the neck.
Advertising censure Phiten Co., Ltd. 0120-524-976
Manufacturer (Manufacturing): Phiten Co., Ltd.
Category: Made in Japan Cosmetics
Technology Aqua gold, Aqua silver


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