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With a highly moisturizing lotion,
double moisturizing ingredients with different penetrating properties penetrate the stratum corneum to give the skin a rich moisturizing effect. In addition, it works on the condition of the skin to create a moisturizing environment and keeps the skin moist both inside and outside. It also contains dullness care ingredients and aging care ingredients to maintain moisture, promote skin renewal, and improve water retention. This Premium Moisture Lotion moisturizes deep into the corneum for long-lasting moisturized skin. It conditions the skin, as well as prevents stains from occurring. The skin will feel rejuvenated with this alcohol and additive-free formula.

Key Ingredients:
• Baby Apple Extract and Fermented Fig Extract have a moisture-retaining function, as well as smoothing out the skin due to improved facial elasticity.
• Plankton Extract and Yeast Extract helps prevent stains, due to sunburn and dirt.
• SACRAN*, Glycerin, and Diglycerine moisturize deep into the corneum, resulting in a longer moisturized skin tone.*SACRAN is the registered trademark by Green Science Materials Inc.

How To Use:
After washing your face, take the formula onto your hands or onto a cotton pad. Gently pat onto your face and wrap your face with the formula.

Made in Japan


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