Aqua Gold Lotion 200ml


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The perfect lotion for those who want their skin to look beautiful as they age. This spray type lotion containing the key ingredient, Lutein, helps block blue light and photoaging. Hyaluronic acid keeps the dry areas moisturized by keeping the natural moisture of the skin.
Key Ingredients:
• Lutein helps to block blue light and prevents skin damage.
• Alpinia Speciosa Leaf Extract protects collagen to maintain moisturized skin.
• Equisetum Arvense Extract tightens the skin and pores to maintain moisturized skin.
• Peptide keeps the skin firm and tight and prevents dullness.
• Hyaluronic Acid and Dimethysilanol not only helps keep the natural moisture within the skin, but it also aids skin damage, resulting in healthier skin.
How To Use:
Spray the whole face and press gently on the skin to help absorb the formula. Make sure to cover the whole face gently.
Made in Japan


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