Metax Leash Model II Necklace


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The Metax Necklace Leash Model is a new addition to the Phiten High-End Necklace line as an updated version of the long-selling X100 Titanium Necklace Leash Model. Its newly designed, “open-hole” shaped clasp is ergonomically designed and intended to easily be held by your fingers with comfort in mind when opening and closing the closure. It also exposes the cord inside creating a visually bold and futuristic look with a combination of different textures and materials. This functionally designed clasp shape utilizes triple pins for smooth closure that also helps to prevent friction and play. The red or black silicone band on the stainless steel clasp is embedded with Metax technology powder while the cord contains Metax technology and is made with “OEKO-TEX®” polyester yarn – an eco-friendly, sustainable, and durable material. The Metax Necklace Leash Model is the perfect blend of luxury and modern technology.

Silver Clasp
Black Clasp

Size (Length) : 
20″ (50cm)


Made in China

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Black, Silver