Metax Sport Elbow Support Soft


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The Metax Elbow Support is reintroduced with a range of new features. The new Metax Elbow Support is completely redesigned utilizing Outlast®, a comfortable temperature adjustment material developed for SPACE that controls the surface temperature of the skin between 88 °F to 91 °F, providing a comfortable environment even in hot or cold conditions. Furthermore, its construction has been updated with Downstop®, an anti-slip thread used to prevent the elbow support from sliding down and coming loose. Methodically woven taping line helps stabilize any movement around the elbow. This new Metax Elbow Support is exceptionally soft, providing maximum comfort and flexibility around the elbow area. This makes it ideal for everyday use, and it offers reliable support while remaining comfortable to wear for extended periods.

***Package contains one Elbow Support only.

– Innovative Outlast® technology helps control skin surface temperature between 88 °F to 91 °F, providing a comfortable environment for your elbow even in hot or cold conditions.
– The redesigned elbow support features Downstop®, an anti-slip thread that prevents the support from sliding down and coming loose during physical activity.
– Methodically woven taping line provides added stability and support, helping to prevent movement and reduce discomfort.
– Exceptionally soft and flexible materials offer maximum comfort and flexibility, making them ideal for everyday use and extended wear.
– Suitable for athletes and individuals experiencing elbow discomfort, the new Metax Elbow Support provides reliable support and helps you stay active and comfortable throughout the day.

Small to Medium (S-M)
Large to X-Large (L-LL)

Dimension / Circumference around Elbow
Small to Medium: 8.75” (22cm) – 11.00” (28cm)
Large to X-Large 10.25” (26cm) – 12.60” (32cm)
*If you are in between sizes, please size up.

33% Cotton, 32% Polyester, 16% Rayon, 13% Acrylic, 5% Polyurethane, 1% Nylon

*Metax is Phiten’s latest technology which is created by combining two or more Aqua Metals (ie. Aqua-Titanium, Aqua-Gold, Aqua-Silver, Aqua-Palladium, etc) and utilizing their combined characteristics.
Made in Japan

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