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The perfect gel after a good workout, the Cool-Down Relax Gel was developed in Japan and is used by athletes and individuals throughout the country. Good to use after a workout, hard labor, and even house chores. Cools down the muscles in the applied area after a workout. By massaging the muscles and applying the gel after a workout, muscles are in good condition the following day.

Made in Japan

Internal capacity 110g
Content ingredient Water, ethanol, colloidal gold, menthol, carbomer, AMPD, menthoxypropanediol, BG, lysine Na dilauroylglutamate, cachitannin, superoxide dismutase, pentetate 5Na, fragrance
Advertising censure Phiten Co., Ltd. 0120-524-976
Manufacturer (Manufacturing): Phiten Co., Ltd.
Category: Made in Japan Cosmetics
Technology Aqua gold



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