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Phiten Metax Modulus Bracelet Limited Edition (17cm, 19cm)


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The Modulus Bracelet, inspired by a modern industrial feel accented by its angular design and monochromatic colorway offerings, is produced out of a waterproof silicone material and contains Phiten’s METAX Technology as well as a METAX Technology Sphere Zone hidden on the inner side of the bracelet. It’s simple yet stylish design includes a large rectangular centerpiece with a debossed Phiten logo and eight protruding ancillary square sections that run throughout the entire bracelet.


– Waterproof silicone

– Contains Metax Technology in the silicone material.

– Metax Technology Sphere Zone inner side of the bracelet.

Color: Black, Gray, White

Size:  6.75″(17cm), 7.5″ (19cm)

Material: 100% silicone

Technology: Metax

*Metax is Phiten’s latest technology which is created by combining two or more Aqua Metals (ie. Aqua-Titanium, Aqua-Gold, Aqua-Silver, Aqua-Palladium, etc) and utilizing their combined characteristics.

Made in Philippines

* Only the material silicon is made in Philippines, Phiten Metax is processed in Japan.


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Black, Gray, White


17cm, 19cm