Phiten Terahertz Necklace (40+5CM)


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This limited edition, Terahertz Necklace by Phiten is made with terahertz stones. Stones are polyhedron cut which aids in giving off a beautiful shine and sparkle.
The stones are coupled together to create the right characteristics and look for a luxurious necklace. This necklace is adjustable with an additional length of 5 cm. A unique Phiten “P” logo charm is included on the adjuster.

NOTE: Due to the nature of natural stones, there may be differences in color, shape, and size from the image shown above.

A terahertz wave that vibrates about 1 trillion times per second is also called ultra-far infrared because of its wavelength. It has characteristics that are intermediate between radio waves and light… It is also called “ultra-far infrared rays” because of its wavelength length.

Size: 40+5cm


Made in Japan


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