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Phiten Titanium Compression Leggings




Tightly tightened, the right fit
High-quality yarn made of finer fibers than usual is used. Comfortable and comfortable to wear throughout the day with smooth texture and comfort.
“Thigh 6hPa, calf 11hPa, ankle 12hPa” stage pressure specifications. Reliable 120 denier warmth.
Antibacterial deodorant, antistatic processing, UV cut rate of 99% or more. For firm tightening and a lighter leg for desk work and standing work.

Gradual compression and moderate tightness for a comfortable fit.  High quality multi-filament yarn (Ultrafine luxurious thread compared to normal threads) is used to create a luxurious feel to the skin.  The cozy thickness of denier 120 is used to keep the warmth.  Feel lighter with comfortable fitting leggings, perfect to use while standing all day or during desk job.  UV cut the ratio of 99%, with Antimicrobial, odor, and static function.

Compression Thigh : 6 hPa

Compression Calf : 11 hPa

Compression Ankle: 12 hPa

Color: Black

Size (Hip Measurement):

M~L : 33.45 in (85 cm) ~ 38.5 in (98 cm)

L~XL : 35.45 in (90 cm) ~ 40.5 in (103 cm)

Material: Nylon 90%, Polyurethane 10%


Made in Japan

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