Phiten Titanium Tape Roll


A roll-type tape that uses aqua titanium for a fabric that stretches well and is easy to use. Ideal for body care of a wide range of areas such as shoulders and hips. With moderate elasticity and breathability, it is easy to attach to joints such as elbows and knees, and it does not come off easily.

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Phiten Titan Tape Roll

Titan Tape Roll comes in a length of 4.5 meters per roll, perfect for cutting to a customized length and applying directly to any areas where you feel pain, discomfort, or tension. It’s permeated with Aqua Titanium which helps to relax the muscles naturally by stabilizing the bio-electric current. The stretchy, breathable fabric enables the tape to provide comfort around your muscles and joints.

There is no specific way of taping the Phiten Titan Tape for it to be effective as it is NOT a normal sports/K tape. However, many sports athlete uses Phiten Titan Tape to enjoy the dual benefits of the Tape – Relaxation + Muscles supporting

You can stick the tape on your body for a max of ~1-2 days (dependent on individual skin condition) and replace a new one due to hygienic reasons for quick conditioning and recovery although the effect from the Tape is semi-permanent. All thanks to Phiten Unique Material, “Aqua Titanium”

Tips: People usually use the Tape + Phiten Gel together for a better synergy effect and recovery.

Dimension: 5cm x 4.5m (meter)

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