Rakuwa Anklet Extreme Twist



The Metax Anklet Extreme Twist has been refreshed with a new colorway. Constructed from premium silicone material, it exhibits durability against water and perspiration. It’s suitable for wearing during water sports activities as it can be worn in water. The stylish, reversible design ensures that you can confidently accessorize your anklet. Additionally, it is infused with Phiten’s Metax Technology.

Stylish Design: A stylish design line runs through the entire anklet, giving it the signature, Phiten sporty look. The EXTREME “E” logomark lies at the tip.

Durable Silicone Material: Constructed of premium silicone material keeps it durable against water and perspiration making it perfect to wear during sports. Metax technology is embedded inside of band.

Reversible: Its convenient, reversible design allows you to flip it around to match your outfit. No need to worry if it flips over during vigorous sports.

Size: 21cm, 23cm

100% Silicone


Made in Philippines

Additional information

Weight 0.01 kg

Black/Red, Red/White


21cm, 23cm


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