Rakuwa Bracelet X50 Hybrid

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The X50 Hybrid bracelet cleverly combines the use of silicon with Micro Titan Balls and fabric permeated with X50 Aqua-Titanium concentration to enhance the recovery effect as compared to a regular type of Rakuwa Bracelet. The design and color combination also brings out the stylishness of the Hybrid bracelet.

size 17cm, 19cm
Color black
material Body: Silicone
String: Nylon, Polyurethane
Blindfold: Silicone
Technology Aqua Titanium X50, Micro Titanium Ball


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14.5cm, 17cm, 19cm

1 review for Rakuwa Bracelet X50 Hybrid

  1. K Meenambal

    Can my wrist wear 17cm

    • Shaun Li

      HI, What is the length of your wrist?

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