Rakuwa Slashline Necklace


For a fashion accent in the casual scene with a clean and gorgeous neck, and for improving the performance in the sports scene.
The silicone material is resistant to sweat and water, so it is ideal for leisure activities and sweaty scenes near the water! You can also take a shower while wearing it.
The sharp slash line is decorated with glitter to add glitz. Designed with the line along the neck in mind when worn. Keeps a clean line without becoming an ellipse due to weight.

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A fashionable addition to the Phiten necklace line, a sporty appearance with a hint of silver or gold laminate shine provides a luxurious feel. Made with medical-grade durable silicone, it is perfect for the summer for its ability to withstand perspiration and water. Feel free to wear it during water activities out in the sun! Designed to comfortably hang along the neckline for a clean look with an easy-to-clasp, push-in type closure. Embedded with AQUA-TITANIUM® and MICRO-TITANIUM SPHERES®.

Body – Silicone
Closure – Polyester


Made in the Philippines

Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg

Black/Grey, Black/Red, Navy/White, Pink/White, White/Gold


43cm, 50cm


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