Rakuwa Necklace Wire Model Air


The ultra-lightweight type that doesn’t feel like you’re wearing it Weighs about 2.6g (* 40cm) and is surprisingly lightweight! It’s light enough to forget you’re wearing it, and it’s comfortable to wear, so it won’t interfere with sports.
The wire is made of “surgical stainless steel” that is resistant to rust and allergies.
A smart design that combines sportiness and stylishness.

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Weighing in at just 3 grams (0.10 ounces), this ultra-light necklace will make you forget you’re even wearing one!
The perfect necklace to wear during vigorous sports activities, not just for its lightweight but also for its well-thought and stylish design. The surgical stainless-steel wire is hypoallergenic and corrosion-resistant, all while coated with AQUA-TITANIUM SILICA® permeated Nylon resin.


  • Body – Stainless, Nylon
  • Clasp – Aluminum
  • Inner Clasp – Urethane


Made in Japan

Size & Color:
40 cm (about 2.6 g): Black / Red, Black / Silver, White / Pink
50 cm: Black / Red, Black / Black, White / Blue

Additional information

Weight 0.01 kg

Black/Black, Black/Red, Black/Sliver, White/Blue, White/Pink


40cm, 50cm


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