Carbonized Chain Necklace


Titanium has the power of Phiten in its body, which is light, strong, and does not rust. It is said that there is less concern about metal allergies.
The surface is coated with titanium carbide by special technology sputtering processing. The simple design and unique deep color give a clean and sharp impression around the neck.

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Phiten’s Titanium Chain Necklace is made of 100% pure Titanium which undergoes the “Phiten Processed”. Furthermore, it is coated with a layer of carbonized titanium which is more effective. Most popular and ‘powerful’ in the Titanium Necklace range” Titanium, which has the power of Phiten in its body, is light, strong, and does not rust. It is said that there is little concern about metal allergies.
The surface is coated with titanium carbide by a special technology sputtering process. With a simple design and a unique deep color, the neck is clean and sharp.

Most powerful Phiten necklace: the most effective in stabilizing bioelectronic current and pain management
Hypoallergenic and skin-friendly: made of 100% titanium processed by Phiten to protect against metal allergies.
Lightweight: weighs only 20g.
Corrosion-resistant and durable: coated with titanium carbide to prevent rust and breakage.
Simple and classic deep color: complements any attire with elegance.

Other Information

Weight ~20g
Sizes 45cm, 65cm
Material 100% Titanium (Phiten processed)
Process Phiten’s unique process for carbonized titanium coating
Manufacturing country Japan


Pure Titanium, Carbonized Titanium Coating

Additional information

Weight 0.02 kg

45cm, 65cm


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