Titanium Bracelet Hard Coat Metax Slim


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Phiten’s New Hard Coat Bracelet Metax Slim is made out of 100% pure titanium and is combined with METAX® technology. Elaborate pure titanium bracelet with METAX® resin parts, with titanium ingots (balls) embedded on the inner. A durable Hard Coating is applied on the surface, to keep it from scratching and tarnishing. The simple design makes it easy to match it with any outfit.


– Connected with resin parts for a hybrid design, giving it a slim and stylish look.

– Special hard coating is applied to the surface for extra durability and protection against scratches.

size Width: L (about 19 cm)
Height: about 8 mm
Material Body: pure titanium,  ring parts: polyurethane
Technology Metax

<About Phiten’s Metax Technology>

METAX is Phiten’s latest technology which is created by combining two or more Aqua Metals (ie. Aqua-Titanium, Aqua-Gold, Aqua-Silver, Aqua-Palladium, etc) and utilizing their combined characteristics.


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