Titanium & Crystal Necklace (3mm)


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Crystal accessory with seven colors of glitter
. Titanium is coated on the surface of the crystal carefully selected by our own quality check. Finished in an elegant necklace that shines in seven colors.
The fastener has an adjuster and can be extended up to 5 cm. Two titanium balls engraved with the Phiten logo are placed. (5mm ball only)

The Titanium Crystal Necklace is titanium, iridescent-coated high-end, Phiten necklace. The coated crystals are 3mm in diameter and two titanium spheres with the Phiten logo are also strategically placed on the necklace. This necklace is adjustable with an extra 5 cm (2″) extension to adjust to the ideal length.
A unique Phiten logo charm is included on the adjuster. In Japan, crystals and titanium are believed to pair well together for mutual enhancement.

Made in Japan


40cm + 5cm (Adjuster)

50cm + 5cm (Adjuster)

Crystal (diameter): 3mm
Titanium ball (diameter): 3mm
Fastener: 1.5cm
* Size is the length including the fastener.

Material Body: Crystal, Titanium Ball
Fastener: Titanium
Adjuster: Titanium
Plate (End Parts): Titanium
Remarks * Because it is a natural material, the surface coating may peel off due to slight differences in color and frequency of use.
* Please refrain from using the dedicated cleaning equipment.

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40+5cm, 50+5cm


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