X100 Leash Model Necklace


Originally released only in Japan the X100 Titanium Leash Model is the perfect complement to your Titanium sports series necklaces. The Leash Model contains a higher concentration of Phiten patented AQUA-TITANIUM® technology, uses a special 66 Nylon for increased durability, and contains a stainless steel clasp embedded with AQUA-TITANIUM SILICA®. This necklace is the perfect blend of chic and modern technology.

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Under the Ultimate Performance Gear (UPG) range, the X100 Leash model follows a refined futuristic design. This necklace incorporates 3 of Phiten’s unique technologies; the fabric is coated with Aqua TitanMicro Titan Balls makes up the core, and Titan Silica is used on the silicon ring of the clasp to enhance the effect.

This X100 Aqua Titan permeated model uses “66 nylon” material which possesses the same strength as the ballistic nylon used for bulletproof vests which are also quick to dry. The clasp is made of a 3-pins structure giving the product more durability and smooth removal.

This high-quality necklace can be worn on both formal and informal occasions available in Black and Silver versions, depending on your personal style and preference. The design is simple yet stylish and is guaranteed to have a powerful appeal.


  • Fastener: Stainless steel
  • Decorative ring: Silicon (Titanium silica compound) [Cord]
  • Outer fabric: 66 nylon (permeated with X100 AQUA TITAN);
  • Inner: Elastomer (Micro Titan ball impregnated)
Available size: 50cm only.
Color:               Silver, Black
Technology:  X100 Aqua Titan / Micro Titan Balls / Titan Silica

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Black, Sliver


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