X30 Sports Titanium Tape


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Introducing the newest addition to the Phiten tape series, the X30 Titanium Power Tape Sport 2″ Roll is available in a variety of colors to coordinate with your style. Elasticity allows for easy application on the joints and is ideal for sports activities. Stays on comfortably and does not hinder the body movement during sports activities. Breathability and strong water repellency help to stay on your skin, regardless of perspiration or water contact, and dries quickly when it gets wet.

*Although the X30 Titanium Power Tape Sport Roll is super easy to apply and does not require specific application methods for results, they can be used similar to kinesiology tape as well, because of its excellent elasticity and durability.

size 5.0cm width x 4.5m
Color Pink, yellow, turquoise, beige
Material Fabric: 97% polyester, 3% polyurethane
Adhesive: Acrylic adhesive
Technology Aqua Titanium X30


Made in Japan


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Beige, Pink, Turquoise, Yellow


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