YUKO Daily Care Hair Brush


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By adopting a wave-shaped brush pin, you can feel the “hair quality revolution” by touching it . For a smooth finish that allows you to feel the change in texture. A large brush head with high cushioning covers a wide area. In addition, it is a scalp-friendly design that allows you to brush comfortably from the root by rounding the tip of the pin.

size Width approx. 7 cm x total length approx. 25 cm x thickness approx. 4 cm (brush part)
weight About 90g
material Body: ABS
Pin: Nylon
Pin Tip: Epoxy Resin
Pad: Natural Rubber
Technology Metax
remarks <Heat-resistant temperature> Main body: Approx. 80 ° C Pin / pad: Approx. 140 ° C

Yuko Daily Care Hair Brush

You can feel the “Hair Styling Revolution” by touching your hair! 

Metax brush make hair silky.

It gets smoother, shinier, and manageable amazingly.

smooth shiny hair

(※ This hair was originally straight. Under the tangling condition, it gets smoother after using Phiten Hair Brush.)

It changes every time you comb your hair. You would want to touch your hair always.


  1. Amazing Detangler
    Wave-shaped brush pins are the detangler pins. It makes each hair loosened and soft from the root. You will feel the change in texture within a couple of times of brushing.

Metax brush make hair silky.

2) Comfortable Cushioning

The cushioning fit softly and nicely to your scalp. This scalp-friendly design allows you to brush comfortably from the root by rounding the tip of the pin.

3) Covering Wider Area

A large brush head can comb a large area at once. And it’s so light. Easy to hold in your hand. 

Caution: Please do not soak the brush into water to clean. Wipe to clean. Wet Hair is OK to comb.

Color: Black

Size: 25 cm (length) x 7 cm (width) x 4 cm (height),

Technology: Metax

Metax technology is Phiten's Highest Technology