We accept a request for exchange within 7 calendar days from the date you received it based on the courier delivery slip.

Exchange will only be accepted when these conditions are fulfilled.

    • The Item must be in its original brand new condition with its original packaging with its original seal in place (if applicable), i.e. it must be in brand new sellable condition.
    • The Item has not to be worn or used. In the event that there are signs of “damage” or “being worn”, we shall have the right to reject the exchange.
    • The Item is not on the No Exchange, Non-Returnable & Non-Refundable Item List
    • Exchange Request can be sent to our customer service email:

For Exchange Request at the default of the customer. The customer has to bear for the shipping fees to send the item back to us and for us to send the exchanged item to him/her. (Example, to change sizing/color). In the event, that customer would like to make an exchange directly in the outlet, it has to be approved by our sales department first. Hence, indicate this request to

    • Note that the original item has to reach us first before we could send out the exchanged item.
    • Do allow 3 working days for us to inspect and arrange for shipping for the exchanged item to be sent to you (provided that the original item fulfills the Exchange Conditions.
    • Refund is strictly prohibited and entertained.
    • In exchange for a higher-priced item, the amount has to be top-up. Any balance amount due to the exchange will not be refundable.

In the event that a wrong item or a defective item is sent to the customer, the company will bear for both ways shipping costs to the customer.

    • If the actual item is no more available, the Company shall offer an Exchange for other similar product ranges. In exchange for a higher-priced item, the amount has to be top-up. Any balance amount due to the exchange will be refundable through the original mode of payment.
    • Note that we will ship the replacement item to you once you send to us the proof of return shipping note of the wrongly sent item.

No Exchange, Non-Returnable & Non-Refundable Item List

We will not accept any exchange, return or refund for the following items under any conditions.

    • Inner Wear Items: Inner Wear, UnderGear, Ladies Shorts, Sport Spats.
    • Application Items: Tapes, Lotions, Gels range
    • Body Care Items: Skin Care, Hair Care, Dental Care, and Soap

Refund is strictly prohibited and will not be entertained unless initiated by Company.

    • In the event of a refund, do allow for up to 21 working days to process your refund and up to 3 months for the funds to be reverted back to your account (depending on your mode of payment and their internal process which we have no control of).
    • All refunds will not include the shipping costs incurred and shall be borne by the customer.
Take Notice that
    • Any Exchange or Return and Refund will NOT be entertained based on the customer’s claim of personal feeling on product effect or personal preference.
    • All Phiten products sent out from our Official Website are authentic and incorporated with Phiten Technology. The effect depends on personal physique and feeling.

Drop us an email at and for any further inquiries.