For all modern people who walk a lot every day, have a lot of standing work, and have tired legs.

Phiten focused on the important part of the foot, the metatarsal bones. Solachi is a foot massager that faithfully reproduces the technique of Phiten's "metatarsal massage" and is effective in relieving fatigue.

You can experience it at Phiten shops nationwide or at stores and facilities that have introduced it.

Phiten Solarch

By massaging the area around the metatarsal bones of the foot, it works on the surrounding muscles to support the arch of the sole. Furthermore, it is a massage method that affects the inner muscle that connects to the metatarsal bones.

  • Improve blood circulation
  • Fatigue recovery
  • Get rid of muscle fatigue
  • Loosen muscle stiffness
  • Relief of muscle pain and neuralgia

Size: Width 41.5 cm x Depth 38 cm x Height 22.5 cm
Weight: approx. 4.9 kg
Material: Body: ABS resin Cover: Polyester
Technique: Aqua Titanium / Aqua Palladium


Sorachi 2 one of POINT

Point 1: Faithfully reproduce the technique of "metatarsal massage"

By combining 10 airbags and protrusions on the soles of the feet, we have realized a delicate massage sensation that feels like being massaged by human hands.

Foot armor

Stretch and loosen as if you grab the instep.

Left and right airbags fix your feet. The upper airbag inflates and pushes in the instep to stretch and loosen it.


Stimulates to lift the soles of the feet.

A protrusion on the bottom lifts the sole of the foot and stretches it to loosen the entire sole and promote blood circulation.

Point 2: Fusion of Phiten's original technology and discerning design

Massage comfortably to your liking with selectable courses and angle adjustments.
3 automatic courses to choose from

Phiten's unique technology

Phiten's original technology is used for the overcover provided on the main unit. Wrap the whole.

Detachable cover that can be washed / Antibacterial specifications

The antibacterial overcover can be removed and washed completely by removing the zipper, so you can always keep it clean.

Angle adjustment of about 10 degrees

You can adjust the strength of the massage using the main body stand. If you want to massage with strong stimulation, put out the stand and extend your knees. (Common to Solachi Blue and Solachi)

You can experience it at your local Phiten shop

You can experience Solachi at the Phiten shop. If you feel tired or stressed, please come to your nearest Phiten shop. Now you can experience it at a special rate.