Phiten Toecare

For all modern people who often walk and have tired legs.
Phiten focused on the “toes” that grab the ground while walking. Tocare is a massager that faithfully reproduces the rotation of the toes when walking, and is effective in relieving fatigue.

  • Improve blood circulation
  • Fatigue recovery
  • Get rid of muscle fatigue
  • Loosen muscle stiffness
  • Relief of muscle pain and neuralgia

Size: width 360mm x depth 330mm x height 215mm
Weight: approx. 3.9 kg
Material: Body: ABS resin Cover: Polyester Toe unit cover: Synthetic rubber
Technique: Aqua Titanium / Aqua Palladium / Aqua Titanium Silica


Point 1: A new spot of interest for the foot

Effectively stimulates “between toes”

Massage the “between toes” that Phiten is paying attention to with Phiten’s original “medical foot stick”. Supports health from the toes.

Point 2: Focus on the movement of the toes that grab the ground

Reproduce the movement of the toes

Faithfully reproduce the toe rotation movement during walking. By repeating this movement continuously and repeatedly, the condition of the toes is adjusted.

Toe movement

The movement of the foot to grab the ground is opposite with the thumb and other fingers.

Point 3: Focus on the sole of the foot

Fatigue recovery of the sole

The sole of the foot is an important part that supports the balance of the body.
It is important to stimulate the soles of the feet to recover from fatigue.

“Aqua Titanium” and “Aqua Palladium” are used for the overcover of the arch roller. It can be removed and washed completely, so you can always keep it clean.